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Hi, I'm Helena Kalsmose

I´ve worked as a coach for 13 years and use a mix of Mindset Coaching, Creative Development tools and Intuition training to allow you to free your mind and operate from your most optimal mindset in both your professional and private life.

With a Master of Language and Communication from Aarhus University, Denmark, I used to work with Executive Coaching, Strategy and Communication both in corporate and private settings before moving into a more creative lifestyle. Besides my coaching service, I also co-founded 3 start up companies with my partner - find two of them here:

All activites are motivated by providing technologies and tools that support natural human growth.

My approach and theoretical foundation

My approach, tools and processes builds primarily on the work of the South African, Los Angeles based Creative Development and Intuition Trainer, William Whitecloud, Author of The Magician´s Way and Secrets of Natural Succes.

I spend 2 years aquiring his full curriculum: Superconscious, Create your Destiny, Alchemy for Succes, Creative Warrior and Mastery along with his 1-year personlal coaching program, The Razor´s edge.

This work is not about fixing what you are not satisfied with (although that can be a good driver for change) but to grow bigger than your  circumstances and everything that has influenced what has been possible for you to experience and create so far in your life.

It´s about living your true nature and purpose and learning the art of creating, to become a creator instead of following the norm or what you´ve learned in the past. Using your inner genius to live your full potential.

It´s a natural potential that all people have and it´s activated through the challenges and experiences with all the conflicts, drama, boredom, frustration and cirumstances present in your life right now.

This is where I´m also very much inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell and his teachings of The Hero´s Journey about accepting the invitations that life gives us to grow and find our purpose and contribution on the way through our trials and tribulations.

It´s an approach that really honors our journeys through this life as human beings and allows us to look at our lives not only as a problem to be solved but as mysteries to be lived.

Additionally I draw on my time as a consultant where I worked with Otto Scharmer´s Theory U - Leaderhsip that opens to the future. Otto Scharmer is a Professor at the Sloan School of Management at MIT, co-founder of Presensing Institute, chairman of the MIT IDEAS-program for innovation across sectors and author of Presense with Peter Senge among others.

Like Whitecloud, Scharmer also works with the creative process but in an organisational and leadership context at the level of systems and gives us a new framework for how we operate in and meet a future we cannot know - through an open mind, an open heart and an open will.

Change today needs to come from each individual and it is this difficult work finding our way around our own minds that Whitecloud gives us very grounding tools to navigate.


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