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Beyond your perceived limitations

Don´t let the past steal your future - discover your true power and move into your greater potential!

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Beyond Your Perceived Limitations

Don´t let the past steal your future - discover your true power and move into your greater potential!

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Does your life and business reflect your true value and potential?

Are you using your power in the right way?


Or are you trying to change circumstances, fix yourself  - maybe even fight the world?

I was and I was not winning.


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You are in the right place if you

  • are a purpose driven and ambitious creator, entrepreneur, business leader, coach, consultant or someone who wants to create something new.

  • are done wasting your time struggling in complicated business projects or complicated relationships and ready to finally get what you want.

  • want to learn how to use your inherent power, your intuitive genius and natural abilities to fulfill your unique purpose.

  • want to learn how to deal effectively with resistance, self sabotage and unconscious beliefs creating delays.

  • have already taken steps to improve your situation and invested in your growth but keep returning to the same feeling and experience despite your efforts.

  • feel stuck on a certain level and the desired manifestation doesn´t come or doesn´t feel rewarding.

What other people say

Camilla Hesselund Lastein, Denmark, Forbes under 30 Entrepreneur

"I just want to say that this week has been fantastic and almost lifechanging.

I have really felt a difference since our session a couple of weeks ago. I feel my power in a way I haven´t felt for years, I trust the process and my intuition a 100% and see things in a completely new perspective.

I didn´t see how much my actions were dictated by this unconscious belief. If we hadn´t done this session at this crucial time for me, then I would have wasted the next three months in a project, trying to compensate for a limiting belief. So thank you - you are a life saver!

I couldn´t see the effect right away but it´s really powerful!"

Deb King, Australia, Master coach & Entrepreneur

"Thank you Helena for the powerful session, its a very effective process and I highly recommend working with you. It was wonderful to experience the safe space you created, without any judgement, simply love and compassion.

The wisdom you shared and the questions you asked, along with your intuition led to a powerful insight, giving me clear awareness of the beliefs and patterns that were still playing out. Then bringing love to these and rising above them I felt a genuine shift during the conversation. Ending with a clear focus to move forward with, has been so valuable, and I am still present to this focus days later!

Thank you so much!"

Pernille Kofoed Holm, Denmark, Authour & Entrepreneur

"I booked a session with Helena because there was something that triggered me about my upcoming birthday party, a feeling I couldn´t figure out.

And Helena always sees what lies behind confused emotions. With great empathy, love and humor, she took me by the hand and together we explored my sea of confused emotions. Every question and answer lead to more clarity and also, Helena is a strong intuitive person so she is good at supporting kindly if you can´t find the right words.

Afterwards, I felt that I had found the essense of my challenge so I was able to give a warm and loving welcome speach at my party, feeling really confident and able to feel the love for my guests and their love for me. I felt open and free in my heart - it was just wonderful."

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